Kubuntu Live CD hangs at "Starting PC-Card Services..."

Bittner,Peter Bittner at teamworks.eu.com
Tue Aug 2 05:33:21 CDT 2005

Hi there!

I found out disabling the PC-card detection works with the following
boot parameters:

  install hw-detect/start_pcmcia=false

My source of information:

I hope, the 'install' image is okay, I mean, *is* the default image.

Cheers, Peter

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I have got a brand-new Toshiba Satellite SM30X-167 notebook where I want
to install Kubuntu.

I have launched the Live CD to make sure the hardware will work fine
with Kubuntu. And it seems, it does not! :-(

When the (Debian) installer performs the hardware detection it hangs at
98% saying "Starte PC-Card Services..." (German setup). I guess the
Kubuntu install CD will not change much about this.

Is there a workaround for this problem?


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