Odd difference between x86 & PPC (firewire disks)

James Tappin sjt at star.sr.bham.ac.uk
Sat Apr 30 16:33:15 UTC 2005

I have two machines running kubuntu -- one a G3 iBook, the other an
Athlon box cobbled together from bits. And I've found a subtle
difference in the behaviour of UDEV, HAL or KDED when I connect my
firewire harddrive.
On the PC it shows up as a removable device, but on the Mac it is a
harddisk. Both machines show it as a removable device when I use its USB
connector. This is actually rather irritating as setting KDE to show
icons for unmounted hard disks on a Mac leads to a VERY cluttered
desktop as there are lots (about 12-16) of small Mac-specific partitions
that Linux doesn't need to mount. Since the iBook only has USB 1.1
and the disk needs a power supply to work on USB, using it on USB for
normal purposes is not an option.

Is there a configuration option somewhere to say how FireWire disks
should be interpreted?


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