KWeather icon and temperature in panel

John john at
Fri Apr 29 10:19:06 UTC 2005

Hi All,

I have loaded the KWeather applet into the panel. Eventually after configuring 
it to have a weather station and then removing/reloading (to restart it) it 
finally works.

Unfortunately, it seems to choose the wrong size for the icon and overwrite 
the top two pixels of the temperature.

I drew another set of icons and placed them in a ~/.kde/share/apps/kweather 
directory and these work just as above. The attached image should show one of 
my icons and the current temperature partially overwritten.

The icon size does not appear to matter. If I deliberately make the icon extra 
wide, the whole icon is scaled to fit, but it still overwrites the 
temperature. If I make the panel vertical, it seems to fit and not overwrite 
the temperature.

Eventually, I adjusted the General font in the KDE Control Centre down by a 
couple of sizes. However, this leaves plenty of space between the icon and 

Does anyone know how to adjust the size of the icon in relation to the space 
it takes on the panel?

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