How do I get into Admin mode in Control Center?

Derek Broughton auspex at
Thu Apr 28 16:58:15 UTC 2005

On Thursday 28 April 2005 13:30, Peter Barnes wrote:
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Derek Broughton" <derek at>
> > On Monday 25 April 2005 17:10, Peter Barnes wrote:
> > > OK, I found out how to create a root password, did that,
> > > used visudo and put my username in using the line shown in
> > > the newsforge review ([username] ALL=(ALL) ALL) but I still
> > > can't get the Admin button to work in Control Center. It
> > > still does not accept my user password (or the root
> > > password). I know I can use sudo kcontrol to get into
> > > Control Centre with Admin privileges but why do I have to
> > > resort to a command line at all?
> >
> > Because it's a bug...
> Derek, Thanks for clarifying this and also your responses to the related
> messages. 

Sorry everything came through at once.  I'd call that another bug, in kmail.  
It wasn't saving my folder settings and everything got posted from my default 
account, rather than the one with which I was subscribed to kubuntu-users 

> I've been trying the various suggestions from people and nothing 
> seems to get the Admin button working properly. 

Really?  I can't see how there can be a problem if you actually start kcontrol 
as root.  I think some of the suggestions were in error, because X won't 
usually let a a user (root) open another user's DISPLAY, but I use "kdesu 
kcontrol" frequently.  

> When you say it's a bug, 
> does that mean everyone with Kub 5.04 is faced with the broken Admin button
> or is it just me and a few other lost souls? Is there already a way to fix
> it, or do we have to wait for a new version of Kub to be released?

I haven't got around to checking if there's a bug posted, but I know of at 
least three cases (yours, mine and another) that seemed identical, where once 
you gave the password the wrong page was brought up, so I'm pretty confident 
it is a bug.  That said, I've changed apt sources.list to point to breezy and 
the problem went away, so I think it has been fixed.

> If it were only this one problem I would probably put up with it, use
> kcontrol from the command line and wait until the bug is fixed. But there
> are other things - like if I do sudo kate, it doesn't open and Konsole
> shows errors (things about uid1000 and uid0). With sudo kwrite I get the
> application but there are similar eror messages in Konsole. This means I'm

Yeah, that's the bit I mentioned above.  You can only use "sudo" for non X 
apps (unless you play with X authorities - I never do, so I can't tell you 
what to do).  For X apps, use "kdesu".

Remember, also, you can use kmenuedit to put anything on the K menu.  You can 
add an entry for "kdesu kcontrol" if you want (of course, that defeats the 
purpose of separating administration kcontrols from user controls).


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