kicker and v scrolling

musicman datakid at
Wed Apr 27 08:05:44 UTC 2005

I got my bandwidth back and decided to dist-upgrade (using the hoary sources)

When I started, it was all kde3.4 pretty, but there was no panel
(apart from a su terminal icon)...

I read on this list that you need to run 'kicker', so I did dutifully,
and lo, my new kicker panel (or, i should say, the space where it
should have been) _and_ my su terminal panel, decide to scroll
vertically off the top of my moniter. Every time I  started a new
terminal, before I could od anything, it would scroll off, too...

My desktop was still there, but the icons had all scrolled off the top
as well...any ideas?

when I lsmod there is a vesafb in there, but I don't actually know
what video card the machine has yet...


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