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Peter Barnes pjb at
Wed Apr 20 08:30:07 UTC 2005

In view of the couple of threads on this topic I'd just like to make a comment as someone who is new to Linux. Like many migrants from Windows I tried Mandrake and Fedora at first and was puzzled by root accounts and user accounts. But then I read all the stuff telling you how good it is to have these, so it seems worthwhile.

Then I tried Kubuntu and now I've to stop using a root account, so it's back to puzzle time. I soon learnt to use sudo but I still don't know if I'm doing things right. In Mandrake etc I had a very complicated root password and a relativley simple, easy to remember user password. In Kubuntu, should my user password now be the complicated one because I don't have a root password?

Perhaps Kubuntu is aimed at people who are already familiar with Linux (or even with Ubuntu). I like most of it but some parts are mind-boggling for the newcomer to Linux! It also gets confused because (well-meaning) people on the mailing list suggest solutions to problems but they don't work for me because the commands simply elicit "command unknown" or similar. Now I realise this is probably because they are Gnome commands/applications, not KDE - perhaps OK for those who stuck KDE on top of Ubuntu but not for those who installed Kubuntu.

It's a great distro but perhaps it needs a health warning for Linux newcomers!


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