Firestarter will not work

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Fri Apr 15 16:01:33 UTC 2005

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Subject: Re: Firestarter will not work
Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2005 09:21:50 -0300

> On Thursday 14 April 2005 18:47, hacker wrote:
> > I was never able to get firestarter working either .. it may be too
> > old for ubuntu's 2.6.x kernel (not sure).  I tried guarddog, but even
> > had problems with it (could also be a 2.6 versus 2.4 kernel issue).  I
> > don't know what to recommend (gui wise) .. I ended up going to
> > and finding a script to use in my ip-up.d directory and
> > it works just fine.
> I used firestarter for a while, but it didn't deal well with the fact that my
> laptop's internet connection was sometimes eth0 and sometimes dpc0.  It's
> fine with 2.6 kernels though.
> The only thing wrong with guarddog was that it's a gnome app :-)  It's what I
> use now.
> >
> > On 4/14/05, Peter Barnes <pjb at> wrote:
> > > I'm (almost) new to Linux and tried the Kubuntu preview
> > > version. I wanted a firewall and got a couple of
> > > suggestions here. I installed Firestarter because it used a
> > > GUI but I could not get it to work. So I decided to wait
> > > until I had the 5.04 Kubuntu.
> > >
> > > Now I have that, and installed Firestarter but it still
> > > doesn't work. I'm using a standard PC connected via a
> > > router and broadband to the internet and through the router
> > > to a Windows PC. Kubuntu can see the internet and the other
> > > PC. When I try to start Firestater from Konsole I get the
> > > wizard and a lot of lines in Konsole. On the internet page
> > > of the wizard it offers me eth0 or ipv6, so i choose eth0
> > > which sounds at least familiar. On the next page - network
> > > - it offers the same. If I choose eth0 it tells me to go
> > > away - I can't have the same for internet and network. If I
> > > choose ipv6 it does not work - the firewall cannot set up
> > > (and after googling I think ipv6 is irrelevant to me).
> Of course you can't have the same interface for Internet and intranet (which
> is what it means by 'network').  I haven't used firestarter in so long, I
> can't tell you what options you have, but if you don't actually have a local
> network, there should be some kind of 'none' option.  As a last resort, 'lo'
> might work.
> > >
> > > Meanwhile....the lines have scrolled in Konsole - see
> > > excerpts below this message. I've no idea what is wrong.
> ...
> > > Error reading file /etc/firestarter/inbound/allow-from: No
> > > such file or directory
> ...
> If you never configured it, why would you expect any of its configuration
> files to exist?
> --
> derek

As a Linux newbie perhaps I'm missing something here. I did sudo apt-get install firestarter and I thought that was supposed to install it ready for use, as opposed to having to configure it. After the install I couldn't find it in any menu, so I started it from Konsole and that's how I got to the wizard. But the wizard doesn't allow me to write anything in, only to choose options - and eth0 and ipv6 are all it offered (should there be an eth1 when the PC has a network card?).


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