my experience trying to listen to streaming

Raphael Bauduin rblists at
Tue Apr 12 15:45:07 UTC 2005


here are the problems I encounter when I want to listen to a stream
from this page:
and more specifically

When clicking on the link, it proposes to save, open with amarok, or cancel.
I open with Amarok, but amarok doesn't ever give any sound....
An annoying thing is that I can't, by clickin on the link, choose
another multimedia app to open the link with (kaffeine eg).

what I need to do is download the m3u, open an editor, edit the file,
and copy the first URL, start kaffeine, and file -> open url.

When I click on the link in firefox, it proposes either to "save it"
or "open with ....", but no default app.


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