Important for hoary: Can you confirm Bug #8681?

Abdullah Ramazanoglu ar018 at
Wed Apr 6 16:05:58 UTC 2005

Tony Jaudon wrote:
> On Tuesday 05 April 2005 23:26, Abdullah Ramazanoglu wrote:
>> Leaf wrote:
>>> On Tuesday 05 April 2005 20:08, Frederik Dannemare wrote:
>>   --8<--
>>> Since I am always switching distros I have had the opportunity to have
>>> this bug occur across different distros (PCLOS, FC3 and Kubuntu, off
>>> the top of my head). The common denominator was KDE 3.4, so I am not so
>>> sure this is a Kubuntu bug.
>> I would rather see Kubuntu coming out a month later with a stabilized KDE
>> 3.4 as per
> How does that apply to what I said?  I agree, nothing should be rushed and
> dates can be pushed back, however my comment was about the bug in question
> not about Kubuntu's release date.

I was shamelessly taking the liberty to use your comments as a foreword to a
wish. :)

BTW I've noticed that the link is now leading to the start of the mentioned
thread, instead of the part I meant to refer. Here is inline version of the

"KDE 3.4 is too fresh. AFAIK KDE is known to re-release a stable update
usually a month or so after each major release. So I wish Kubuntu would
postpone the final Hoary release date just a bit to include soon to be
updated KDE. It might set it back a month or so from Canonical Hoary
(Gnome), but it would provide a stable distro for the next 5 months."

Abdullah Ramazanoglu
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