Important for hoary: Can you confirm Bug #8681?

Rafa rafaor at
Wed Apr 6 03:13:12 UTC 2005

On Apr 5, 2005 10:00 PM, Abdullah Ramazanoglu <ar018 at> wrote:
> Abdullah Ramazanoglu wrote:

> I think I've found something. At the fresh install kcontrol => Regional &
> Accesibility => Country/Region & Lang was set for Country="C", nevertheless
> the environment was in Turkish (IIRC). I had changed this to "Turkey" (just
> changed the country and left the rest to defaults). This is the culprit.
> Now I've again changed the country back to "C" and kcontrol Admin mode
> started to work correctly again.

I'm not sure I follow.  My country was set up for US (even tho I'm
sure I chose "Panama" during install).

I tried switching country to "C" and "Turkey" and neither made a difference.

I did erase all my kde settings before (trouble with taskbar) and
skipped the wizard upon re-login.  Before this, I had managed to
access admin mode in kcontrol. This was before RC, tho.

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