non-ubuntu packages (was Firefox and gnome dependencies

Jeff Waugh jeff.waugh at
Tue Apr 5 17:34:50 UTC 2005

<quote who="Derek Broughton">

> > Check the build logs:
> What am I looking for?  Yes, tomcat's there, and every log says "failed"
> but that doesn't help figure out when I'll be able to get a copy.
> >
> > I'd strongly discourage mixing packages from different distros/repos.
> > It's as bad as mixing between Debian branches, if not more so.
> Certainly more so - I've been mixing Debian branches for years, but the
> version numbers in testing are always higher than the ones in stable, and
> unstable's >= testing - but if ubuntu doesn't have the packages, I have to
> get them somewhere.

Ubuntu does have the packages (they are available as source), but they have
not built due to the lack of Java. You can get involved with the Ubuntu MOTU
team to help out with this, or you can rebuild these packages against the
Java version of your choice (which may not be useful for contribution to
Ubuntu, because we don't have permission to distribute the available JDKs
from the likes of Sun and IBM).

- Jeff

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