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Tue Apr 5 10:35:40 UTC 2005

Greetings All,


I have just started to use, having only recently heard of, Kubuntu. Wow!
What a package.


However, probably because I don't know what I am doing, there are a number
of "issues" which I would like to ask questions about.


If this is not the right place, then please accept my apologies and let me


In the meantime ...


I am trying to setup access from the kubuntu machine to the Internet using
wireless. The card in the kubuntu machine is the Belkin F5D6001, which seems
to be well known over the net. 

Has anyone succeeded in getting this card to work? I messed with ndiswrapper
and the Windows XP driver last night and certainly the card seemed to get
working, the KWiFi Manager software seemed to know about it but I could not
get the card to see the Network (ESSID=8705B5GROUP). The documentation
hinted at a configuration error (surprise, surprise) but the detail escaped
me. The ndiswrapper iin use was the one that shipped with the install
version of hoary hedgehog. My next step is to test the cards/drivers in a
windows XP environment but any advice and guidance would be much


In parallel, I tried to use a USB/Wireless card from Atmel and followed the
instructions on compiling the driver. This worked pretty well on Debian 3.0
r4 but less successfully on Kubuntu. I have absolutely no doubt that Kubuntu
supports wireless pretty well; IMHO it's a quality distribution all the way
through  but, again, a statement from someone who has done this would be of
great interest.



Roger Bowen



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