24.04 upgrade challenges (solved)

Martin van Es mrvanes at gmail.com
Mon Apr 29 07:35:31 UTC 2024

I'm in the process of preparing a Linux laptop for the parents so this
weekend I upgraded a fresh 23.10 to 24.04 and had some issues I solved that
I'd like to share:

1. The nl.archive.ubuntu.com mirror seems to choke on traffic now and then,
breaking the do-release-upgrade and resulting in a previous state.

2. Once I had to manually exit do-release-upgrade I was left in a partly
upgraded state, so I had to finish using apt dist-upgrade, apt autoremove,
which worked fine once I had replaced all the original nl.archive.ubuntu.com
references in the sources.list file to archive.ubuntu.com.

3. After rebooting, I was confronted with the black screen I have read
about on some fora (reddit) by now. I was able to boot into grub using
shift and booting the old kernel was possible. Also  booting the new one in
recovery was possible and from there starting sddm was also no problem.
It turned out there were some i915/xe kms problems(race?). nomodeset kernel
option helped, but eventually I added i915 and xe to the initramfs modules
and had a booting system with kms again.

Hope this helps.
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