Bug: Disabling offline updates for automatic updates not possible

Tobias Görgens tobi.goergens at gmail.com
Sun Sep 26 20:32:48 UTC 2021

Hey there,

I don't know if this is the right place to report a bug, but as it's a) in all releases since 5.21 and b) still in 5.22.90 (5.23 beta) on Kubuntu 21.04, I thought it might be. If not, I apologize and you can ignore this mail (though that won't fix the bug :P)

So, Plasma 5.21 introduced automatic updates via online/offline updates (offline updates = the system has to be rebooted to install them). But I don't want to have updates installed when I start my system and want to use it, so I enabled automatic updates, but disabled offline updates.
Curiously, this still led to my system installing them at reboot. I reported this issue to the KDE devs upstream, but users on other distributions can't reproduce it, so they hinted me to report it to the Kubuntu developers.

We also noticed that the .discoverrc in ~/.config doesn't save the value OfflineUpdates=false when deactivated, but instead, when deactivating the option in the settings, the string is removed completely.
Editing it manually doesn't fix the issue though.

The KDE bug report can be found here:

Can this issue be reproduced on other systems running Kubuntu 21.04 with backports activated?

Thanks in advance for your assistance!

Tobias Görgens
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