Refactoring kubuntu. org

Rik Mills rikmills at
Wed Jun 3 12:39:59 UTC 2020

On 02/06/2020 08:49, Rick Timmis wrote:
> Hello everyone.
> I have a proposal to address our out of date WordPress website and its
> infrastructure. Building a dynamically generated site makes maintenance
> and administration an important task, and keeping everything secure even
> more so.
> Further, making contributions as easy as possible for our community
> would help with engagement. Of course we need to do that in a managed
> way to ensure that we get excellent, and relevant content on our website.
> My proposal is to reimplement <> using
> the Hugo static site generator. This would enable content of the site to
> be managed via KDE's GitLab instance, or Launchpad. All content is
> stored as Markdown .MD files, with all images stored in an /images
> directory and all the sources stored in Git, or Bzr respectively. 
> Content updates then become simple merge requests, and if we chose KDE's
> GitLab instance then updates can even be made directly within GitLab
> using the WebIDE.
> The website would be built by the Hugo generator and deployed to
> production, based upon merge triggers on the Master branch, perhaps
> hooked into our CI systems as a Jenkins build job.
> I'd probably need some support and input in regard to UX and Graphic
> design, but the technical stuff I can take care of.
> Let me know your thoughts ? 
> Do you like this idea ?

I don't have very much input apart from that I am strongly of the
opinion that:

- commit/edit access should restricted to our launchpad website editors
team. Preferably authenticated through it.
- That if we use a VCS to make changes, this should hosted and be under
the control of us and/or canonical. I am not in favour of using a 3rd
party like KDE invent.


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