Bug in Muon Package Manager (muon) in 20.04

Carlo Vanini silhusk at gmail.com
Wed Apr 15 17:16:08 UTC 2020

Il giorno mar 14 apr 2020 alle ore 23:34 Paul Loughman
<snowhg at icloud.com> ha scritto:
> Before installing ubuntu-drivers-common from a konsole, I searched Muon Package Manager for ubuntu-drivers. It showed that ubuntu-drivers-common was not installed.
> It seems that ubuntu-drivers-common is a required dependency for muon, but it’s packaging information doesn’t identify it as such, or was so in my use case.

Muon does depend on software-properties-qt. You should be able to run
software-properties-qt standalone, without Muon, the dependency is
missing there.
software-properties-kde is just a symlink to software-properties-qt,
since it was renamed.
Please, file the bug against software-properties.

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