update to Beta blocked by unmet dependencies

Rik Mills rikmills at kubuntu.org
Sat Sep 28 06:28:16 UTC 2019

On 28/09/2019 00:23, Valorie Zimmerman wrote:> Normal everyday update to
the 19.10 Beta after updating (sudo apt update
> && sudo apt upgrade -y). I was running the Beta Plasma but I'm sure that
> disappeared in the upgrade.

You need to PPA purge the beta PPA before upgrade.


"In case of issues, testers should be prepared to use ppa-purge to
remove the PPA and revert/downgrade packages. This is especially
required if you plan to upgrade a Disco system to Eoan when it is
released, as Eoan will ship with Plasma 5.16 by default."

Some parts of plasma depend on the ABI/version (Kwin, plasma-integration
etc) of the Qt they were built against, so the beta PPA builds for Disco
will be incompatible with installing the newer Qt in Eoan.

If you want to stay on the Plasma beta, you'll need to PPA purge the
beta PPA, upgrade to Eoan, then re-add/re-enable the PPA after, making
sure the deb line is for Eoan.


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