Proposal: Kubuntu Branded Developer Laptop

Michael S. Mikowski mike.mikowski at
Sat Oct 26 03:37:31 UTC 2019

Hi Aaron:

Yes, that is correct.  The hardware without OS should be here tomorrow. I have 
a commitment for 10 to start.  I agree with your thoughts.

1. The logo is a bit too large.

2. The 'Web App Developer Edition' text is so mundane. I'd rather go with 
something else.  Maybe just to logo, or just the logo with 'Kubuntu' or 
perhaps Kubuntu with a subtitle of 'Silicon Valley One' (I know, corny 
right?). Maybe we keep sketching a few up and figure out what's the best 

3. I believe we can swap out the lid for something with less bling, but I have 
not enquired as of yet.

Sincerely, Mike

On Friday, October 25, 2019 6:28:24 PM PDT Aaron Honeycutt wrote:
> So that OEM would be Clevo/Sager correct? I would personally go with a
> smaller logo and smaller text as well though the 'Web App' text is a bit
> odd. You'll also need to flip it so that the text is readable is someone
> sees the laptop lid. I believe that the LED on the cover is from the LCD
> panel.

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