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Hi Aaron,

On Thu, 6 Sep 2018 at 17:42, Aaron Honeycutt <honeycuttaaron3 at>

> With the new council members I'd like to raise the topic about our funds.
> Since there is not enough to pay a developer full or even part time I think
> we should use it for items to sell like stickers, flash drives, pens, and
> others. This can help us get more members who contribute by being able to
> have the Kubuntu name out there. It will also help us pull in more funds to
> help maybe get part time funds for a developer.
> Under the 'others' subject we can also get some reading material together
> to get word out about contributing and the project. I'm looking for other
> people's opinions and ideas as well as votes from the KC later on.
How about using the funds to pay for travel to appropriate events?

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