i386 ISO tests

Franklin Weng franklin at goodhorse.idv.tw
Fri Mar 9 08:56:44 UTC 2018


Valorie Zimmerman 於 2018年03月09日 14:15 寫道:
> Hi all, I completed the i386 tests I could complete, and filed bugs
> about the problems I encountered. Of course all these tests were done
> on 64-bit machine, so I don't know if they are worthwhile at all.
> We need tests on 32-bit software.
> Even still, there are some tests I could not complete:
> * Install (auto-resize) -- the option does not appear in my choices.
> * Install (manual partitioning) - possibly because I have done this so
> few times.
> * Install (OEM setup) -- again, I was unable to start the process by
> clicking f4.
> We need to complete these if possible in the next few hours.
> Valorie

I've done some tests too, and now i386 only OEM setup not passed.  I
couldn't start the process either since no option in F4 menu.

Franklin Weng
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