Please test the beta candidate -- especially i386 users

Franklin Weng franklin at
Thu Mar 8 05:17:10 UTC 2018

For i386 I hit a snag when doing the first test.  The screenshot is at

When I boot the iso on virtualbox (5.2.8 r121009 (Qt5.6.1)), the initial
screen (keyboard->manual, and when hit a key the manual menu) is shown.
Then when I started Kubuntu, after some time it became the first attached
file (Virtualbox-Kubuntu-18.png).

I tried with 64bit version, it is okay and can run smoothly to complete
installation. I tried with older version of Virtualbox , no luck. I tried
running virtualbox on my KDE Slimbook it directly hanged there =_=

Then I tried to boot 32bit iso and in the manual menu I set "nomodeset", it
successfully showed the screen to let me choose the language and I clicked
"Try Kubuntu". However, after clicking "Try Kubuntu", it ran into console.

I logged in the console with username "kubuntu" successfully. In it I ran
"startx", it started KDE successfully!!

Then I installed Kubuntu 18.04 in the KDE live session, (using the whold
disk) without problem. After reboot, it ran into the console login screen

I can login with the username/password I set during the installation, and
after logging in I can also start kde by "startx"

Would anyone give it a try?  For now I'll test 64bit for the remaining
items first.

Regards, Franklin

2018-03-08 9:50 GMT+08:00 Valorie Zimmerman <valorie.zimmerman at>:

> Hello folks, half the required tests have been done for amd64, and
> NONE have been done for i386.
> This is simply not acceptable nor sustainable. Please test as the
> previous emails have instructed, and report your results:
> Thanks.
> Valorie
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