Kubuntu Automation 2.1 released

José Manuel Santamaría Lema panfaust at gmail.com
Sat Mar 3 21:41:56 UTC 2018


Kubuntu Automation 2.1 was released. This new version provides new features, 
bug fixes and some code refactoring. Feel free to inspect the changelog to see 
the technical details.

Packages for Bionic, Artful and Xenial are now available in our dev-tools PPA:

We have been using the 2.1 series for quite a while to do our uploads to PPA's 
and the official Ubuntu archive so it's about time to make this version the 
"official" one. This means the 2.0 version is no longer supported, so if you 
have any bug report, suggestion or patch, please make sure you have at least 
this version or what we have in git's master branch.

The development of the next version (2.2) also started today. Personally, I am 
aiming right now to the needed changes for Kraken:
and the autopkgtests build depends bumping suggested by Simon (that feature 
would be probably disabled by default in its early days). I might add more 
stuff on top that but it's too early to say.

Finally I would like to thank the rest of the team for their feedback, patches 
and for working so much on the packaging, which allows me to spend more time 
improving our automation, which, by the way, still needs a lot of improvement, 
but, hopefully, we will get there.


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