Kubuntu Automation 2.2 released

José Manuel Santamaría Lema panfaust at gmail.com
Sat Jun 23 20:26:26 UTC 2018


Kubuntu Automation 2.2 was released today:

=== PPA's status ===

KA 2.2 packages are available in the stable PPA:

KA 2.3 alphas and betas will be available in the dev-tools-testing PPA, right 
now it already has 2.3 alpha 1 which provides a nicer HTML documentation 
(available in /usr/share/doc/kubuntu-automation/html/):

Right now we are still providing 2.2 packages for xenial, artful, bionic and 
cosmic. However if you are still using xenial or artful, please consider to 
upgrade ;)

KA 2.3 alpha 1 packages are only available for bionic and cosmic.

=== Git/Development status ===

KA 2.1 branch becomes right now officially deprecated, unsupported, ugly and 

So, right now, the current active branches in git are:
- 2.2: meant to do 2.2.x future bugfix releases (if any)
- 2.3: development version, improved documentation, code refactoring
- emerald_lake: based on 2.3, aims to improve Qt support
- 3.0: extremely experimental, it would be used to add KCI support
- master: points to 2.3, current development version

Probably emerald_lake will be merged into 2.3 at some point in the future. 
That depends on the maturity of the code developed there.

=== Thanks! ===
As always thank you very much to the rest of the team for working so much in 
the packaging and everything else. I appreciate very much all that work 
because it allows me to focus more on improving the tooling. Keep up that good 
work ;)


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