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Tue Jan 2 18:49:52 UTC 2018

Hi Matt!

Thank you first for promoting Kubuntu! We just love when our community 
promote us!

Great to hear your Mother-in-Law is enjoying Kubuntu as well!

For your feedback/papercuts:

* This might be more upstream but might be possible to make the changes 
for just us. Please join our IRC on #kubuntu-devel on Freenode to 
discuss that and the other papercuts

* I think that is Ubuntu thing so we might also be able to change that 
as it happens in Ubuntu/Pop!_OS on my tests.

* That might be a Firefox issue, has this happen in Firefox 57 or are 
you using an LTS before 57 was released?

On 01/02/2018 11:27 AM, Matt Ruffalo wrote:
> Hi all-
> I've been using Kubuntu since version 8.04, through the rocky KDE 3 -> 4
> transition, and through the early rough versions of Plasma 5 (though
> this was *much* smoother than 3 -> 4), and I've always really enjoyed
> the Kubuntu experience. My mother-in-law is using Kubuntu on her
> computer: first 14.04, now 16.04, and she's had a very easy time of it,
> so I think that also says a lot about the quality of KDE/Plasma as a
> desktop environment. Thanks for all of the work over the years!
> While I recommend Kubuntu to anyone who's getting started with Linux,
> it's not totally free of issues, and I'm writing this email to describe
> some of the "papercuts" I've noticed in Plasma 5 and Kubuntu. I perform
> clean installs of Kubuntu relatively often to create special-purpose VMs
> or test out some hardware, and that gives me quite a few opportunities
> to notice a few recurring issues.
> I've tried to only include issues in this email that I think are
> Kubuntu-specific -- though I think some extra attention on upstream
> issues would be nice (https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=361371 and
> https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=376104 specifically), that isn't
> the purpose of this email. Some of these are necessarily my own opinions
> as opposed to definite bugs, but I think I've given or can give some
> decent justification for these.
> * When installing Kubuntu, I can choose whether the system will log in
> as the main user automatically on boot, or whether to require that
> password. When configured to log in automatically, Plasma 5 should
> probably also be configured to not lock the screen and require a
> password after 5 minutes. The intent behind the install-time option
> seems to be "no password required for non-administrative use of this
> computer", and requiring a password to leave the screensaver kind of
> contradicts that.
> * I live in the United States, and always install Kubuntu with "English"
> as the selected language. After booting into a new installation for the
> first time, I'm told that (paraphrased from memory) "language support is
> incomplete; additional packages are required". Why do I need additional
> language packs when the only language/locale on my system is
> English/en_US.UTF-8?
> * After a fresh install, I'm told that extra packages are
> recommended/required for Firefox, and when showing the details for this
> notification, the only option is "Flash". In July 2017, Adobe
> more-or-less announced the official death of Flash
> (https://blogs.adobe.com/conversations/2017/07/adobe-flash-update.html)
> and very little of the modern Internet requires a Flash player. I'm very
> uneasy about the amount and frequency of vulnerabilities in Flash player
> software, so it's probably worth having a conversation about when to
> stop suggesting installation of Flash right after a Kubuntu install. I'm
> not necessarily suggesting to drop this for 18.04, but as per that Adobe
> blog post, maybe 20.04 would be appropriate.
> Thanks for your time, and I'm very much looking forward to 18.04!
> MMR...

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