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> > It's been very difficult to find *real* i386 (single-core) machine now,
> at
> > least here.  Even a 10-year-old laptop has dual core.
> > The closest environment I can get is a virtual machine running on PVE.
> >
> >
> > Franklin
> Then in your opinion, is it worthwhile to offer them? I was thinking
> of you in particular when I argued for continuing to provide them.
> Testing would be a great deal easier with only amd64!
I'll say yes, because as I have said a particular scenario would still use
it -- not on a real i386 machine, but on virtual box running on a i386
Windows host.
I met such scenario several times when promoting FOSS.

But in this case, it is still running on a virtual machine.  In real
machine cases I met (mostly old Eeepc) they were single core and hence need
i386 version, but the memory was too few (less then 1G) to run Kubuntu
live!  Only native Lubuntu i386 could fit into those machines.


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