Congratulations on a great Beta 2 milestone! Next up: BANNER

Valorie Zimmerman valorie.zimmerman at
Wed Apr 11 21:44:04 UTC 2018

Hi folks,

We had a lot of help testing Beta 2 candidates, thank you so much! It
was Hell week for me and the extra testing -- especially the i386
testing helped sooo much.

Our next testing push will be the Release Candidate scheduled for 19
April, so put that on your testing calendar. Of course, testing of the
dailies is always useful as well. And if you hang out in the
#kubuntu-devel channel our devels very often have smaller testing they
would like help with as well.

However, now is the time to prepare for release, and the big item we
are missing is a Bionic banner for the website, and our various social
media channels. The official wallpaper is here:

I assume one can get the official image from this tar:

Of course we cannot use that color, but our banner should incorporate
the beaver in some way along with our plasma wallpaper or colors. That
file is available here:

You can see our present banner on the website: .
It needs to use that same font face for the Kubuntu part, as that is
official. We had to decline to use quite a few lovely submissions last
time because the font was changed. The Plasma wallpaper doesn't need
to be blurred as it is in the 17.10 version, but that is an option.

We'll use this on Facebook and Twitter as well as the website.

Please put BANNER in your subject line so that we find all of them!

Thanks, artists!



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