[Kubuntu-council] Kubuntu Council Minutes / Notes

Valorie Zimmerman valorie-zimmerman at kubuntu.org
Sun Oct 1 23:28:26 UTC 2017

On Fri, Sep 29, 2017 at 3:28 PM, Rick Timmis
<ricktimmis68 at googlemail.com> wrote:
> Hello Friends
> Thanks to the following attendee's
> Clivejo, Ovidiu, Rik, mparillo, Valorie, and Simon for their attendance at
> the meeting. We covered the following items, and those points that required
> further action have been assigned to Phabricator Work Cards.
> https://phabricator.kde.org/project/profile/214/
> What are the motivators for joining the community ?
> Rik - Using and improving, feels like I have a sense of ownership.
> and that I am sharing that with thousands of people. This is a different
> sense of value, feels like doing a job, but of course it is not.
> Simon Q - Make sure that we have a friendly, ease to use , bug free linus
> distro that can be custmised by people. I really like Plasma. This helps me
> develop my skills.
> Valorie - Contributing, Collaboration, Friendship.
> What Communication Channels do we have, and how affective are they ?
> Rik, Valorie - Preference for IRC, ML's are a must, Telegram, Social media
> is fragmented and requires attention
> Ovidu :- Social media
> Valorie :- Bug Reports on Facebook

By the way, I was pointing out that this is a problem, since nobody is
looking at them, not even to point them to how to file a bug report or
find an answer to their question. If nobody will step up to watch
that, can we turn off those messages?

> Simon :- Look at IRC and Telegram, ML
> * ACTION - Review Social Media strategy and implementation
> What would you like to see happen in the next 6 months ?
> Rik - Less isolated( Collaboration with Lubuntu, shared tools resource,
> working with Neon ) - Increase profile on Social Media - More into Public
> Consciousness - Shared update notification system as a shared project
> between Lubuntu, Kubuntu and Budgie.
> Simon - Proving our relevance over KDE Neon - Working on packaging new QT
> releases - More man / woman power to packaging. - Re-write KCI in Python
> Ovidiu :-
> Valorie :- Build a team around Release Management, including Promo and QA

I have again taken a squint around Launchpad, and do not yet see how
to create a new team. Do I hear any objections to doing this? I'd like
to see this team on the Manifest instead of Phil! However, the Release
Manager still must be the point person on every release, but there
should be a team supporting that person. For instance, Rik actually
marked our final Beta ISO as "ready" since he did the final testing
while I was asleep.

We pretty much always work in teams in Kubuntu.

> Objectives Identified :-
> Onboarding more people - *ACTION
>     Rik - Ninja Dojo's & Podcast
>     Simon - is putting together an updated Packagin Guide.
>     Organise our task backlog, and structure so that those come to us can
> pick up on these tasks.
> Getting more widely known - *ACTION
> Collaboration initiatives - Lubuntu, Kubuntu, Budgie - *ACTION -> Further
> meeting
> ToDo's
> Review - Social Media, and figure out how we agregate the Social Accounts
> Page hit, and refer counter from Contribute Page. Visitor counts on all
> pages. Being privacy conscious.
> Rik - Ninja Dojo's
> Clive - Linode,
> Ovidiu - Podcast storage to move to Amazon.
> Mparillo - Linux Journalism.


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