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Hi, forwarding this to the Kubuntu developer list so that we can get the
input of the developers.


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Ahoy ahoy

On Tue, Nov 14, 2017 at 7:14 PM, Will Cooke <will.cooke at canonical.com>
> Hi there,
> I wanted to drop you a quickly line to catch you up on some plans for
> on the GNOME desktop and see if you're interested in doing something
> in KUbuntu.
> We're putting all the machinery in place to be able to install Snaps on
to a
> freshly installed system from an ISO.  This is in progress at the moment,
> but we did a bit of a trial run with Ubuntu MATE in 17.10 and they
shipped a
> small pulse mixer CLI app.  So far, so good.
> We're planning on shipping all the core GNOME desktop apps (calculator,
> gedit, etc etc) as Snaps in 18.04.  We'll have a "track" for the stable
> release, and then add GUI to allow users to switch to things like Beta or
> Edge very easily.  This should mean that 18.04 could be running fresh
> apps (even on a later GNOME release) run up until the day support ends in
> little over five years.
> I know that you guys have a whole load of KDE apps snapped up, and so I
> wondered if you'd be interested in trying the same thing in KUbuntu.  We'd
> be very happy to lend a hand if you needed any assistance.

FWIW the spelling is 'Kubuntu' ;)

I can't really speak for Kubuntu but over at KDE neon the target is to
have snaps for applications starting in December (although as it is
right now I fear that may have been a bit too optimistic a target). To
that end neon ISOs today already come with our kde-frameworks content
snap pre-installed and we've made a major push towards snapping the
majority of KDE applications over the summer. So, Kubuntu could
totally jump on the bandwagon and also have snapped applications by
default. The biggest hurdle right now is probably host<->confinement
file IO, as probably half our applications have some save file
functionality they are kinda meh until we see XDG portals support land
in snapd.

For neon we are maintaining a problem list here:

It would be lovely if you could keep us posted on roadblocks you
encounter/fixed on the GNOME side.


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