[FFe] upgrade KDE localisations/translations for KDE

Rik Mills rikmills at kubuntu.org
Thu Mar 16 13:23:06 UTC 2017

Oh, and as Philip Muškovac comments in that FFE bug:

Quote: "As the kde applications don't ship their own translations but bundle
that in kde-l10n, the l10n version should always match the majority of
the app versions in a release. With most of apps 16.12 already in zesty,
this should be updated ASAP."

On 16/03/17 12:21, Rik Mills wrote:
> Please can this FFe be reviewed and/or approved?
> Very much want testers for the beta to have these to test.
> Thank you.
> Ref: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kde-l10n-engb/+bug/1673394

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