Plasma 5.9.3 drops in Zesty - Important note

Clive Johnston clivejo at
Fri Mar 3 16:38:02 UTC 2017

Yesterday, Plasma 5.9.3 migrated from proposed into the archive, but there
is one important note I wanted to let everyone know about.

Plasma 5.9.3 was uploaded with a small patch which upstream have made in
5.10 to enable Folder View by default [1]

Rik cherry-picked the commit [2] and patched Plasma 5.9.3 which he then
uploaded along with a new version of kubuntu-settings [3] We have moved
kubuntu-settings from bzr to git and removed the patch which allowed the
installer icon to be displayed in a folder containment.

I must say the screen-shot [4] of the Live ISO this morning really does
look a lot better, and made me smile.  Well done Rik for noticing this and
fixing a papercut that has been annoying me/us for a couple of years now!

In addition, while we are tinkering with the kubuntu-settings, I would like
to have a default list of applications on the default kick off menu in
Zesty.  There are 10 "slots", but the question is, what do we add.

Could anyone suggest a way of deciding this, with too much bike-shedding


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