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Franklin Weng franklin at
Wed Jul 26 13:12:58 UTC 2017


Following my talk in Akademy 2017, I'd like to list my issues about
customizing Plasma5 in Kubuntu and hope that we can work it out together.

1. plasmashell doesn't honor the XDG related environment variables:  I
set the XDG env variables like XDG_MENU_PREFIX, XDG_CONFIG_DIRS, ...
etc. in the Xsession.d which should be loaded *before* kinit5 started. 
However these environment variables are not passed to kinit5 and hence
XDG_MENU_PREFIX wouldn't work, which would cause that it always reads
/etc/xdg/menu/ .

2. /etc/kde5rc seems not work:  According to the source code [1], it
should read /etc/kde5rc to get the default profile path prefix.  However
no matter how I set /etc/kderc, /etc/kde4rc, /etc/kde5rc with the
following code:

[Directories-default]    ## or [Directories]

It wouldn't read the default configurations from the path I assigned.

3. I couldn't use a new file to override the layout.js in
/usr/share/plasma/shells/org.kde.plasma.desktop/contents/ or in
I need to directly change the content so that the desktop and panel I
want can be applied, which violates the debian package policy.  Eike
mentioned the "look-and-feel" packages (org.kde.[look-and-feel]). 
Please tell me where the document is and I'll see if I can use this way
to solve the problem.

4. Plasma scripts:  See [2] & [3].  I couldn't create activities I
want.  I *always* have only "Default" activity.  Also, "Search and
Launch" is gone.  I remembered that there was a component similar to SaL
but since I couldn't create any new activity I have no way to try it out.

The above are problems what I met so far.  I was quite frustrated but
not blaming anyone for this.  I'd just like to work them out with your help.



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