Hi, I'm new here (and also Canonical's new point of contact on the KDE advisory board)

Gerry Boland gerry.boland at canonical.com
Mon Jul 10 20:37:44 UTC 2017

Hey Rik!
nice to meet you (sorry not to see you at Akademy)

On 10/07/17 20:06, Rik Mills wrote:
> On 10/07/17 19:13, Gerry Boland wrote:
>> Now that Unity is no more, I'm happy to say I'm back to using KDE as my
>> desktop again - which I was using long before I joined Canonical. I've
>> Qt deep in my soul at this stage too.
> Welcome home.

Lol yeah, I've used Unity for so long (I firmly subscribe to the
eat-your-own-dogfood philosophy), I expected the transition to be tough.
But once I bent Plasma to my will, I was back to full efficiency in less
than a day. I'm super impressed how easy it has become.

>> I've volunteered to be a helping hand to this community in any way I
>> can. If you need someone inside Canonical to do something for you, from
>> sponsoring packages to bug digging, please contact me and I'll help, or
>> get the right person to help.
> We certainly will. With no active MOTU or core -dev on our team at the
> moment, we have struggled to get things like new sources into the
> archive, and similar permission based tasks. A clear direct or indirect
> route to 'get things done' is very much appreciated.

Gotcha, this appears to be my main goal for the next while.

>> I'm also Canonical's Point of Contact on KDE's Advisory Board. I'm not
>> sure what that entails yet, but I'm attending Akademy in a few weeks so
>> should to learn what I can do to help. I hope to meet some of you folk
>> there too!
> Sadly I can't go, but I think at least Valorie Zimmerman and one or 2
> others will be there.

Ok, I intend to corner them over the weekend and find out where the
problems lie, so we can hash out some kind of process.

> We don't use slack (sadly), but the obvious KDE related IRC channels
> might be advisable.
> #kde-devel
> #plasma (quite active especially for Monday planning meetings
> #kde-neon (we still have much crossover with them in tools, packaging etc)

I'm joined them all, thanks.

> We are now tracking tasks and many docs for the project here:
> https://phabricator.kde.org/project/profile/214/

Ok, I need to play around with Phabricator. /me tries to create an account.

>> Thanks for your attention, and looking forward to helping out!
Thanks very much for the kind welcome!

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