Beta 1 released; Preparing for Beta 2

Valorie Zimmerman valorie.zimmerman at
Fri Feb 24 06:20:40 UTC 2017

Good job everybody on Beta 1! I'll leave it to Walter to give feedback
about our QA testing and so forth.

Because I'll be flying to India to attend and give a talk
the second week of March, I'm trying to prepare for Beta 2 now. It's
due March 23rd:  Final Beta Freeze (Monday),  Final Beta.

The rough of the release notes are done: .

I didn't write about PIM being left out because I think we are hoping
to get it into the final? Nor did I mention any of our new apps I hope
make it to the final, like Peruse. If I'm still in the clutches of
jetlag by then, I hope someone pitches in and plumps those release
notes out.

There is now a draft of the Beta 2 news story on as well.

Walter stepped forward to act as Release Manager this cycle, and I've
been trying to help and observe all I can. I've written a page on our
new Phabricator wiki:

Walter has written a more general look at the job:

This next cycle, Z+1, I hope to be able to take over more of this job,
and I hope I'm not alone!



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