Kubuntu Release Manager / Kubuntu Promotion team

Rik Mills rikmills at kubuntu.org
Thu Apr 27 07:53:37 UTC 2017

I'm on those forums and social media, so can do or share some of that.
Facebook excluded, as I keep away from that.

The rest of the progress and the ideas look good. :)


On 27/04/17 08:16, Valorie Zimmerman wrote:
> Hi folks, now that Artful Aardvark 17.10 archive is now open, and our
> developers are preparing packages for testing and upload, we're
> heading towards Alpha 1 which is scheduled for June 29. So no hurry,
> but why not get things set up now?
> I helped Walter (wxl) who functioned as our RM last cycle, and it
> wasn't *hard* -- but there were lots of steps. I think a small team
> would do this job better than one person, so I'd like people to look
> at the job and step up for this cycle. It would be great is someone
> who likes Facebook, can be active there, for instance. Same with
> Kubuntuforums, Twitter, Reddit, G+. In fact, this call might be spread
> to those places too! By the way, Walter has promised to help us out if
> we need it.
> I was thinking of a separate IRC channel and/or a Telegram group, but
> we've been using #kubuntu-council, and Kubuntu Council Telegram group
> which are bridged, and it's working well. I think that members of the
> Council who aren't packaging will want to help out in this way anyway.
> The IRC channel is public, and I'll add anyone to the T-group who
> wants that. If that channel gets too busy or the rest of the KC wants
> it separate, we can do that too.
> I have a wiki page on Phabricator about the RM work:
> https://phabricator.kde.org/w/kubuntu/release-management/. Walter made
> a page for us on the KDE wiki:
> https://community.kde.org/Kubuntu/ReleaseManagement . And today Walter
> shared an older wiki page that they have used to keep track of who is
> doing what in Lubuntu:
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/Developers/PrePostReleaseTODO
> To get organized we could do a similar page on one of the wikis, LP,
> or instead -- anybody have any ideas?
> Step up folks, and let's get set up.
> Valorie
> PS: Supposedly UOS is next week, but http://summit.ubuntu.com/ is
> still empty. I think the big changes that Mark Shuttleworth announced
> have thrown people into a bit of a loop. When it is scheduled, maybe
> we could have a session and do this planning in real-time?

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