Great release! and other thoughts

Rik Mills rikmills at
Thu Apr 20 11:20:11 UTC 2017

Thank you for taking the trouble to put all that together. :)

On 15/04/17 08:47, Valorie Zimmerman wrote:
> Hi folks,
> 17.04 in released, and technically it is great! Perhaps the best we
> have ever done. Well done, team! Great thanks to Rik, who carried much
> of the load as a brand-new Kubuntu Developer.

It was a pleasure.

> On the other hand, I think we didn't promote it very well. I take
> responsibility for part of that, and want to prepare better for the AA
> release. Walter (wxl) was our actiing Release Manager this round, and
> deserves a round of applause! He'll be stepping back however, and I'd
> like to see a small team take over that job, and promotion as well,
> since so much of the RM job is promotion and communication.
> I would like to see a password-protected document with all of our
> social media account names and passwords, and all members of the team
> have access. 

Agreed, although I am not sure about having a PW protected document with
all that in. 'Eggs in one basket' and all that.

Where possible, would it be ok to make a kubuntu team on each S/M
platform. For example you can make a twitter team with tweetdeck

where permission to tweet as @kubuntu can be delegated to each of our
individual twitter accounts, for those that have them. So no need to
each have the main login details.

We were very patchy getting the word out this cycle.
> Perhaps we can have a checklist somewhere showing who is doing what,
> so that all the bases are covered each time. Walter and I both made
> guides to doing RM; both worth looking at if you are interested.
> [1,2].

+1 for a checklist/job card etc, so we know what needs to be done, who
is doing it, and the status of each task.

> I spent the evening putting together a calendar of planned events -
> the cycle dates are just calculated, not yet published. The KDE
> Applications, Frameworks and Plasma dates are from the published
> release schedules. I've added in some other events that we should
> promote via social media.
> Who knew the calendar could be so full, already?
> Valorie

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