[Merge] ~tsimonq2/kubuntu-packaging/+git/kubuntu-cantor:kubuntu_unstable into ~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/+git/cantor:kubuntu_unstable

Achim Bohnet allee at kubuntu.org
Sun Jul 31 10:22:58 UTC 2016


The second entry matches also the first entry.  So AFAIU you can remove usr/lib/*/libcantorlibs.so.16

In case the library is not part of cantors public interface, I would use


so it's not necessary to update with every 'internal' library API bump.

Your team Kubuntu Packagers is requested to review the proposed merge of ~tsimonq2/kubuntu-packaging/+git/kubuntu-cantor:kubuntu_unstable into ~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/+git/cantor:kubuntu_unstable.

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