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On 17/05/16 00:02, Valorie Zimmerman wrote:
> On Mon, May 16, 2016 at 3:39 PM, Nathan M. Murray <nathan at> wrote:
>> To the group:
>> Hello, I am looking to help with Kubuntu in regards to packaging.  I
>> have been using Ubuntu family of operating systems for the last 10 years
>> I want to say.
>> What I am looking for is a mentor to help guide me through the process
>> of packaging software for Kubuntu and helping keep packages up to date
>> or current.
>> Thank you for your time and effort in this matter.
>> Nathan Murray
> Hi Nathan, it's really good to hear from you. It's a good time to jump
> into packaging, because we're just done making some major adjustments
> in our workflow. Also, we've been working on some documentation, which
> is very much a work in progress, and rather ugly still:
> Most of the action takes place in IRC, on the Freenode network,
> #kubuntu-devel channel. Point your Konversation or Quassel to us, and
> speak up! Or at least try the web client:
> We look forward to seeing you!
> Valorie
Hi Nathan

We've also recently begun a programme of Kubuntu Packaging Training.
These are instructor lead sessions ( well I'm the instructor, but lets
leave it at that ;-)

There are some details on, but the next Dojo is Thursday
28th July @ 18:00 UTC. It's delivered a video conference, with slides
and hands on packaging etc...

We also maintain a Kubuntu Ninja "Yellow Belts" group on Launchpad.

Hope this is useful,


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