Review Request 128337: Remove leading space in description only if present.

Carlo Vanini silhusk at
Mon Jul 4 09:21:48 UTC 2016

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Review request for Kubuntu and LibQApt.


Submitted with commit 0b0c3f8d1e6314a97264072c7907ddc02dc94649 by Carlo Vanini to branch master.

Bugs: 316650

Repository: libqapt


When descriptions are loaded from translation files they start with a
leading whitespace. But when translations are missing that space is not
present.  Therefore, remove the first character only if it actully is a

BUG: 316650


  src/package.cpp 0526f9d3ef8a0d3328a3013756134d3871745671 



Tested with Muon

Before patching:

* sudo apt-get -o=Acquire::Languages=none update
* run Muon and notice the missing character

After patching:

* run Muon, the character is there
* sudo apt-get update # get back translations
* run Muon, correct description, no leading whitespace


Carlo Vanini

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