How to debug two things

Mitch Golden mgolden at
Mon Jan 18 16:42:48 UTC 2016

I have been using KDE5 since the 14.10 dual release, and there are two 
bugs that persist that I would like to tackle.

1) Most though not all of the time when I log out/shut down and then log 
in again, if I had a konsole open in the old session it will not be there 
in the new.  I am fairly sure that this is due to a crash in konsole when 
it receives the shutdown signal.  I believe this because once or twice I 
have seen the crash reporter open just before the system turned off.

My question is how I can get a hook in so I can log the error that's 
occurring.  I am not seeing anything in the .xsession-errors log

I should point out that I am running nVidia driver 352.63 and my machine 
has a GeForce GTX 560M graphics card.

2) During login, there is a long delay when the bar is mostly though not 
always all the way across.  If I open a second terminal I can see via top 
that nothing much is happening during the long delay.  Is there some way 
to turn off the bar and see exactly what the process is during startup?

Apologies if this is not considered an appropriate post to this list.  I 
am not attempting to report a bug, but rather to get some assistance so I 
can either fix or at least properly report the bug.

   - Mitch Golden

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