Plasma 5.8 & apps/FW backports - proposal to release this weekend

Valorie Zimmerman valorie.zimmerman at
Fri Dec 16 00:33:57 UTC 2016

On Thu, Dec 15, 2016 at 10:28 AM, Rik Mills <rikmills at> wrote:
> We now have some useful testing feedback via mint KDE users
> See the comments in this link:
> plus of course out own testing, which has likewise not shown any easily
> confirmed showstoppers.
> We are always going to have bugs and potential bugfixes to apply in any
> software we release to users, but from my point of view there is nothing
> critical there, which I can confirm, which would mean delaying pushing
> the backports to the main backports ppa beyond this weekend.
> The xenial phone overlay ppa has fixes from Qt 5.6.2 backported to 5.6.1
> that we can quite easily copy over as bugfix updates for the backports
> ppa should any of these impact users. However, at the moment it seems a
> good plan to go with what we have and have been testing, and only cherry
> pick such updates if/when it becomes evident they are needed.
> So I would like to propose that unless there are any objections that I,
> or whoever is able, do a 'kopy' over to backports of what we have for
> Xenial and Yakkety on Friday evening UTC (16th Dec).
> Regards
> Rik

Sounds good to me too. And I saw that Philip is onboard as well, so Do It! IMO.


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