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Tue Apr 19 19:02:19 UTC 2016


Just been installing Kubuntu Beta on two laptops. No Idea if I am posting this 
the right way. But I found some bugs.

Entering the live desktop, in the left corner is a small window not resizable 
as far as I could figure out. It has the install Kubuntu icon in it. When 
creating my kubuntu live usb I md5sum the download and checked usb for faults.

The installer crashes when choosing for a Dutch installation. After choosing 
Amsterdam as location. It is giving the choice if system can apply keyboard 
settings automatically, what answer you supply doesn't matter it crashes and 
you have to reboot to make an fresh install. (tried it several times to be 
sure, it happened again)

KDE partition manager, also crashes (this is before installing). I can't find a 
pattern yet. Tried to simulate to provide correct improvement feedback. 
Sometimes it only partitions some of the configured partitions and sometimes it 
crashes completely.  Have been installing with ext4 and ext3 (var) with ESP @ 
fat32 and other laptop with btrfs and a separate boot.

After install and update, when changing display settings, when you change 
default display and choose aptly and after apply disable one of your displays 
the alignment is wrong. It loses default panel to the right. This does not 
happen when you change default display disable other display and then choose 

when using Kate to change /etc/... configs it is hanging on "creating cache for 
..." waited for an hour had some dinner ;-) then abborted it myself. This 
doesnt happen when using Vi. Always when using Kate.

On one of the two laptops I got a message in system tray, about cpu driver. 
Went to driver setting where it was asking to install intel cpu binairies. It 
wasn't a succes haven't recreated that bug, just reinstalled after a while. 

Ok this was my feedback for now. I will end with telling it looks amazing I am 
really fond of kde desktop. Configured mail etc. went smoothly, searched for 
software and installed it. Updates went very smoothly. I like the way were you 
all are going.

Kind regards, Renee (Eva Bouwman)

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