Auto login didn't work after installation

Franklin Weng franklin at
Mon Apr 4 11:52:14 UTC 2016

Please see

I wonder if it was because when sddm was installed, the /etc/sddm.conf was
written wrongly.

In my case I had a /etc/sddm.conf specifying the theme, however it was
overwritten by the content shown in the paste.


2016-04-04 15:54 GMT+08:00 Franklin Weng <franklin at>:

> Hi,
> I'm trying Kubuntu 16.04 Beta2.
> I checked "auto login" when installing, but after installation it still
> asked for password in the SDDM login screen.
> Then I went to the SDDM settings.  Auto login options checked, and I
> checked it again then auto login worked.
> Please take a look at it.
> Thanks,
> Franklin
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