natives with translation on kde infrastructure

Harald Sitter sitter at
Tue Sep 22 14:26:16 UTC 2015

Jon recently got the majority of our native packages moved to which unfortunately means that building sources from them
is a bit tricky as we need to get translations somehow.

To get that resolved I wrote tiny wrapper tech around the plasma
release script releaseme [1] to reuse it's l10n lib to get
translations into the working directory.
It depends on rake (which depends on ruby). And having the kde: alias
defined for git.

This is automatically downloaded and run [2] when doing
dpkg-buildpackage -S inside a git clone of the relevant repositories.
Do note that this however mangles the CMakeLists.txt AND drops a po
directory along with a releaseme clone into the working directory. So
before running the buildpackage you want to commit all things and
afterwards run `git clean -fd` to get a clean clone again.
In particular DO NOT commit the po directory.

(random note: the temporary garbage created by the rake target is
blacklisted from being included in the source tarball created by


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