return of the symbols

Harald Sitter sitter at
Tue Sep 22 09:45:41 UTC 2015

Last wednesday I re-enabled symbol tracking in kubuntu ci. This means
that symbol additions are again picked up automatically and removals
will cause a red build.
To that end all frameworks should have up-to-date symbols with their
gcc4 optionals removed after Jonathan turned everything red on Friday
and didn't fix it since (yes, this is supposed to be public shaming).

If a build turns red and the CI logs say that "it appears symbols were
removed" that means the optional symbols we had to help with the gcc5
transition are gone. As everything to do with our kf5 stuff is long
since transitioned these should be removed as they are essentially

Also as a general reminder: symbol tracking only happens on wily.

Also on a general note: I doubt I will get vivid to green again (read:
can't be bothered to) so I would recommend using unstable/stable
directly instead of daily or weekly since the latter two are
incredibly outdated what with not having had passing promotion for
months now.

Also: a lot of pieces of the kdepim stack had their ABI broken in git
master but upstream has yet to greenlight my sobumps. Until the
sobumps are in the pim builds will be broken.


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