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Wed Oct 28 09:06:39 UTC 2015

¡Hola Aleix!

El 2015-10-27 a las 18:59 +0100, Aleix Pol escribió:
>> I'm reconsidering this, having an m-a foreign package installing files in a 
>> m-a specific path sounds wrong. This should probably be an m-a: same 
>> package. 
> Sorry, I don't know what an m-a is.

With m-a I'm refering to multi-arch (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MultiarchSpec), 
the same or foreign values refer to whether a package satisfies the 
dependencies only to packages of the same arch, or it satisfies dependencies 
to another arches as well.

The tool is currently tagged as Multi-Arch: foreign but it's installed in a 
path of the form /usr/lib/$ARCH/libexec/..., that means that installing 
this package satisfies the dependency of any other arch, but, as far as I 
know, for any arch != $ARCH the libexec wont be found.

On the other hand, setting the packages to Multi-Arch: same will allow
installing the tools for more than one arch at the same time, and an armhf 
environment will use the lib-bin-dev:armhf tools while the amd64 will use the 
lib-bin-dev:amd64 version.

>> Which issue are you trying to fix with this? Is there any real use case were 
>> you want the tools cmake file and it doesnt make sense to have the -dev 
>> installed?

> Same issue. In KConfig it's kconfigcompiler, in KCoreAddons is 
> desktoptojson, KAuth is kauth-policy-gen.

I understand that, but currently all the cmake files are in the lib-dev 
packages and the tools are in the lib-bin-dev packages. The tools cmake files 
are only used if you want to use the contained cmake rules to build something 

And as you are building something, depending on the lib-dev is kind of a 
natural approach, while moving the cmake files might be "correct" it's not 
really neeeded.

My guess it that you have been bitten by the Multi-Arch: foreign issue 
mentioned in the previous block.

Happy hacking,
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