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Nicholas Skaggs nicholas.skaggs at canonical.com
Wed Oct 28 00:36:38 UTC 2015

Greetings! It's that time of year again, UOS time. The next LTS is
happening this cycle! I'm writing to encourage you to consider hosting a
session. Even if you plan in other ways or at a separate event, I would
still extol you to prepare a session to share news and talk about what's
happening within your flavor.

For instance, I'd love to see some sessions on plasma mobile, kde 5 work,
potentially wayland, etc. Personally, I'm also quite keen to learn more
about how kubuntu CI works and what success / failures they've had in
testing qt applications, etc.

There is both a community track as well as a 'show and tell' track that
will be of use to you. If you wish to simply demo something cool within
your flavor, feel free to propose a session in show and tell. Anything that
would make a good demo and show off what you are working on / have worked
on is a good candidate for this track.

You can also simply host a Q and A session, or share your plans for the
LTS. These fit in well in the community track. No matter the session you
propose, don't feel obligated to produce a formal presentation. Both of
these tracks are intended for informal, easy going sessions. Come and enjoy
the rest of the community.

Either way should you need help proposing a session, please refer to the
handy guide(1). If you get stuck, feel free to email myself or anyone else
on the community team for help. I look forward to seeing you at UOS!


1. http://uds.ubuntu.com/getinvolved/propose-a-session/
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