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Mon Oct 19 09:39:41 UTC 2015

On October 15, 2015 02:38:03 PM James Cain wrote:
> On Thu, Oct 15, 2015 at 3:11 AM, Mustafa Muhammad <mustafa1024m at>
> wrote:
> > Hi,
> > For new users, it is not that obvious how to install packages, I suggest
> > adding Muon Discover to the favorites menu for the default installation.
> >
> > Regards
> >
> ​+1 for this. Otherwise it's potentially off to the forums whereby a new
> user can get overwhelmed with instantly-forced command line indoctrination.
Yes, this thread is a little old, and after reading through the suggestions I would concur that for a new user account it should appear in the favorites tab; though, I don't think it should appear for an existing user (so not a system-wide update for existing accounts.)  I only very occasionally use Muon Discover as most documentation (Stack Overflow, Ubuntu Forums, any elective PPA) will direct a user to make use of a console and manually adding a PPA and manual package installation steps.  De-emphasizing that users should learn how to use apt, dpkg and related command line utilities is not something I would personally like to see happen.  I view Muon as a stepping stone, but it should never be a crutch.  Open source and open architecture implies continued education in my opinion.  It may seem like a small thing being suggested but macroscopically it has wider-reaching implications.

Thoughts anyone?

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