[kubuntu-automation] Improving the build depends bumping part II

José Manuel Santamaría Lema panfaust at gmail.com
Sun Oct 18 20:26:43 UTC 2015


after talking with Harald about the automation stuff and thinking a bit about 
the overall design of the scriptery I'm attaching a new, finished version of 
the patch to get the bumping of the build depends right; new in this version:

1. git-clone-all without "-r" clones ALL the repositories of frameworks, 
plasma and apps.

2. The "bump-build-dep-versions" script was rewritten to:
    - use the map generated by "dev-package-name-list"
    - use python-debian instead of hackish regex substitutions

3. "dev-package-name-list" now works without "-r" or "-v" arguments. The "-r" 
is not needed anymore and the versions are taken from the configuration file 

4. Improved algorithm to find the build depends in "dev-package-name-list", now 
it includes any binary package present in the build depends of the others; 
this way we don't have to hardcode an if to handle extra-cmake-modules or 

5. "dev-package-name-list" is now configurable via "conf/dev-package-name-
list.json", which looks like this:
uversion_suffix is a string appended to the upstream version, 
include_pkg_revision decides if the package revision will be included in the 
version bumping or not.

The patch is temporarily available here:
and also attached to this mail.

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