CI dep resolvers

Harald Sitter sitter at
Wed Oct 7 12:07:57 UTC 2015

Quick brain dump.

We are currently using pbuilder's dependency satisfiers, but they are
rather error prone for CI purposes. So at some point we might want to
replace them with custom code as this is actually pretty straight

Reimplement pbuilder satisfier using apt (default pbuilder is
aptitude) but apt can more or less do the same thing and we generally
prefer apt over aptitude in all our tooling:
- build a fake package which has the relationships of the source
represented onto a fake binary
- make sure multi-arch and general arch qualifiers are taking into
consideration correctly
- install that fake package (for apts too old to install a .deb,
install via dpkg then apt install to let apt recover from the now
broken dep tree)
- retry with x seconds of wait on failure to mitigate network fail

This should be plenty fast and plenty reliable with retrying.


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