Muon in need of a maintainer

Rick Timmis rick.timmis at
Wed Nov 11 20:38:07 UTC 2015

Quick Confirmation

Is this the correct code base ?

Looks like from Alex's commit log, that this now represent just 
Muon-installer ( aka Package Manager ) as the other tools have been 
split out, am I correct ?


On 10/11/15 14:34, Jonathan Riddell wrote:
> Great, go for it.
> Check the current Git source and find something to fix.  Triage the
> bugs and work on some easy ones.  Get me or Aleix or someone to commit
> changes and once you've got a few in you can apply for a KDE committer
> account.
> Also work out if you want it released with KDE Applications or in its own time with KDE Extragear.
> Jonathan
> On Mon, Nov 09, 2015 at 08:47:38PM +0000, Rick Timmis wrote:
>> Hi
>> I'll take it...
>> I'm a bit of a freshman, but looking for something to play with in QT...
>> I'll need a few pointers and I won't be able to work much on it May
>> - Sept as it always goes crazy with family stuff then..
>> But if your happy with these previso's I'd be delighted to take it over
>> Rick
>> On 09/11/15 12:03, Jonathan Riddell wrote:
>>> Muon, the Apt package installer UI is in need of a maintainer.  It has
>>> been split out from Discover and Updater which are application focused
>>> and to some extent work with multiple backends.  Muon is package
>>> focused and covers the surprisingly important use case of technical
>>> users who care about libraries and package versions but don't want to
>>> use a command line.  It'll probably move to unmaintained unless anyone
>>> wants to keep an eye on it so speak up now if you want to help out.
>>> Jonathan
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